Exploring the New Adventureland Treehouse: Reopening Fall 2023!

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Adventureland Treehouse

Hey there, fellow Disney fans! I’ve got some exciting news straight from the heart of Disneyland Park: the Adventureland Treehouse is making a grand return this fall, and it’s bringing a fresh twist inspired by the classic tale of the Swiss Family Robinson. If you’re ready for an unforgettable journey filled with wooden rope stairways, treetop exploration, and enchanting rooms that tell a new family story, then keep on reading because you won’t want to miss this adventure!

From Tarzan to Swiss Family Robinson

You might remember the Adventureland Treehouse from its Tarzan-themed days, but it’s now getting a whole new look and feel. Say goodbye to Tarzan’s vines and hello to the spirit of Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson! The transformation is sure to bring a delightful new dimension to this iconic attraction.

A Family Adventure Awaits

Opening this fall, the Adventureland Treehouse will whisk you away into the heart of a family’s treetop abode. As you make your way up those rustic wood rope stairways and navigate the sprawling branches of the massive tree, you’ll find yourself in awe of the captivating rooms that beckon you to explore.

A Nod to Disney’s Roots

This revamped treehouse pays homage to the original one that Walt Disney and his Imagineers constructed back in 1962. Just like the beloved classic, you’ll uncover rooms that represent different family members, each brimming with character and charm.

Mother’s Music Den

Step into the mother’s music den, where you can soak in the melodies and rhythms that echo through the treetops. It’s a cozy corner filled with the enchanting notes of the Swiss Family Robinson’s world.

Father’s Art Studio

For all you art lovers out there, you won’t want to miss the father’s art studio. It’s a place where creativity flows freely, and every stroke of the brush tells a story of adventure and imagination.

The Young Sons’ Nature Room

In the young sons’ nature room, you’ll discover a treasure trove of natural wonders collected during the family’s daring escapades. It’s a testament to the beauty of the world around us and the endless curiosity of youth.

Teenage Daughter’s Astronomer’s Loft

Last but not least, ascend to the teenage daughter’s astronomer’s loft, where you can peer through telescopes and stargaze amid the treetops. It’s a celestial sanctuary that invites you to dream big and reach for the stars.

Crafted from Adventure

What makes this treehouse even more special is that most of its items are crafted from found objects and natural resources gathered during the family’s adventures. It’s a nod to the resourcefulness and creativity that the Swiss Family Robinson epitomized in their remarkable story.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on this unforgettable adventure into the heart of the Adventureland Treehouse. This fall, let the spirit of the Swiss Family Robinson guide you through the enchanting rooms and treetop wonders and rediscover the magic that has captivated generations of Disney fans. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the Disneyland experience—it’s bound to be a tree-mendous time!