Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift – Universal Studios Hollywood’s Latest High-Speed Roller Coaster

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Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift

Hey Universal Fans! Rev up your excitement because Universal Studios Hollywood is shifting gears to bring you its first-ever high-speed outdoor roller coaster, Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift, opening in 2026! Inspired by the electrifying Fast & Furious film franchise, this state-of-the-art roller coaster is designed to transport you into the high-octane world of racing, delivering an adrenaline-pumping thrill that will leave you breathless.

A New Standard in Theme Park Thrills

The Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift roller coaster promises an innovative, immersive experience that blends groundbreaking ride technology with the cinematic universe’s pulse-pounding action. Thanks to its advanced ride system, you can expect to be fully enveloped in the Fast & Furious universe. Here’s what makes it special:

  • 360-Degree Vehicle Rotation: Imagine your ride vehicle rotating a full 360 degrees while racing along the twisting track. This unprecedented feature is designed to mimic the iconic drifting moves of the franchise’s cars, creating the sensation that you’re right there in the driver’s seat.
  • Sound Reduction Technology: The track is meticulously constructed using advanced sound reduction technology to enhance your experience. You’ll be able to hear every drift and roar of the engine as you tear around the course at lightning speeds. As well as lower the noise it the direct area.
  • High-Speed Drifting: Prepare for furiously fast spins as you rocket along an elaborate, aerial track that winds around the park, with each turn meticulously calculated to give you a breathtaking sensation of speed.

Scott Strobl, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Universal Studios Hollywood, expressed his enthusiasm for the groundbreaking attraction, saying, “The arrival of ‘Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift’ will be a powerful game changer that will infuse a new level of thrill into our already dynamic theme park.”

Immerse Yourself in the Fast & Furious Universe

Your journey into this adrenaline-charged adventure begins before you even board the ride. You’ll queue up in a sprawling, red-brick garage-style structure that mirrors the gritty, urban vibe seen in the movies. The ride vehicles themselves are modeled after the famous cars featured in the film series, giving you a sense of realism and immersion even before the wild ride starts.

Once onboard, you’ll catapult forward, navigating through a course that strategically weaves through the park, giving you stunning aerial views while your vehicle spins furiously to match the franchise’s high-speed energy.

Upper Lot’s New Star Attraction

Located on the Upper Lot, the Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift coaster will replace the spaces once occupied by the Animal Actors Stage, the Special Effects Show, and Production Central. This new addition is set to reinvigorate the area, bringing a dose of speed and excitement that fans of the Fast & Furious series will relish.

Final Thoughts

Gear up and mark your calendars for 2026 as Universal Studios Hollywood is ready to deliver an unmatched adrenaline rush with the Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift roller coaster. Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the films or a thrill-seeker looking for your next fix, this new attraction will have you counting down the days until it finally roars onto the scene!

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