First Look: Dark Universe Land at Universal’s Epic Universe

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Dark Universe Land

Hey Universal Vacationers! Universal Orlando Resort has unveiled its latest thrilling endeavor: Dark Universe, a monstrously innovative land slated for Universal Epic Universe in 2025. This new addition promises a spine-tingling adventure for all, especially those who cherish the lore of Universal Monsters. Let’s look at everything we know so far about the upcoming Dark Universe land.

Intro Video

Dark Universe Land

The Entrance: Welcome to Darkmoor

Imagine walking through Celestial Park, only to stumble upon a portal buzzing with eerie electricity, symbolizing the eternal battle of science against death. This is your gateway to Darkmoor, a fog-laden village where the air is thick with the essence of mystery and legends of the undead. As you traverse the grim cemetery, upended tombstones and gnarled roots whisper tales of the restless.

Pete Carsillo, senior creative director, articulates the vision behind Darkmoor: “We’ve merged timeless stories in a modern setting, where new tales emerge amidst these iconic creatures.”

Dark Universe Land

Thrilling Rides and Adventures

Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment

In the heart of Darkmoor stands the imposing Frankenstein Manor, where Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, a descendant of the infamous Henry Frankenstein, conducts her audacious experiments. Here, in the bowels of the manor, you’ll embark on the dark ride Monsters Unchained. Witness Victoria’s bold attempts to rehabilitate legendary monsters like Dracula, which, as expected, go horrifically awry.

“Victoria is our hero, yet her experiments unleash chaos, plunging us into a thrilling conflict with iconic monsters,” explains Greg Hall, Dark Universe’s creative director.

Dark Universe Land

Curse of the Werewolf

Bordering Darkmoor is a mysterious forest, home to Curse of the Werewolf, a dizzying family spinning coaster. Here, the Guild of Mystics, led by the enigmatic seer Maleva, warns of a lurking lycanthropic curse. This vibrant and perilous ride through werewolf-infested woods promises an adrenaline-packed journey.

Pete notes, “The new Maleva embodies the mysticism of the original character but with a modern, vibrant twist that’s rich in narrative depth.”

Dark Universe Land

Meet the Monsters of Darkmoor

For those brave or curious enough, Darkmoor offers up-close encounters with the very creatures that roam its shadows. Meet Frankenstein’s Monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, Ygor, and even the Invisible Man. The village also hosts The Hounds, a group of valiant monster hunters who share chilling tales at The Burning Blade Tavern.

Chris Frisella, executive producer, shares his excitement: “We aim to ignite a passion for these timeless characters among new fans, enriching the legacy of the Universal Monsters.”

Dining and Shopping: A Taste of the Macabre

Das Stakehaus offers a unique dining experience perched above ancient catacombs. Here, amidst gothic décor, you can savor dishes fit for a vampire’s servant. For those seeking a more animated atmosphere, The Burning Blade Tavern serves hearty fare with a side of historical intrigue, complete with periodic eruptions of flames.

The Darkmoor Monster Makeup Experience provides a hands-on transformation into a creature of the night, offering a personal touch to your adventure.

The Essence of Dark Universe

When the gates of Universal Epic Universe swing open in 2025, visitors will step into a world where classic monster tales are not just stories, but a tangible reality. The meticulous attention to detail ensures that Dark Universe is not merely a theme park land but a dynamic realm where history and fantasy intertwine.

Chris Frisella encapsulates this sentiment: “Our mission transcends crafting a mere display; we’re breathing life into a narrative-rich sanctuary that respects and revitalizes the Universal Monsters legend.”

Prepare to immerse yourself in the chilling charm of Dark Universe, where the legacies of Universal’s most beloved monsters are celebrated and their stories continue to evolve. As you plan your visit, remember, in Dark Universe, the adventure is real—and it’s waiting for you.

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