First Look: Jumbeaux’s Sweets Menu on the Disney Treasure

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Jumbeaux’s Sweets Menu

Hey Disney Cruisers! If you’re planning your vacation aboard the Disney Treasure, prepare your taste buds for a whimsical adventure at Jumbeaux’s Sweets. Inspired by the animated city of Zootopia, this dessert haven offers a playful tribute to the film’s charismatic characters. From cupcakes that capture the essence of Judy Hopps to vibrant treats that reflect Nick Wilde’s cunning charm, each item on the Jumbeaux’s Sweets menu promises a burst of flavor and a hint of magic. Here’s your first look at the tasty selections awaiting at this sweet spot.

Carrot Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Imagine biting into a luscious strawberry dipped in silky white chocolate, rolled in cookie crumble ‘soil’ that adds a delightful crunch. This garden-inspired treat pays homage to Judy Hopps’ love for carrots, blending the earthy taste of carrot with the sweetness of strawberries in a visually stunning presentation.

Cupcake and Judy Hopps Carrot Cupcake

No visit to Jumbeaux’s Sweets would be complete without sampling the Judy Hopps Carrot Cupcake. This spiced carrot cake is a soft, moist base for the zesty lemon frosting. Topped with white chocolate crème and a tangy blueberry compote, it’s a cupcake that truly captures Judy’s bright and bubbly personality.

Mango Leopard Cakesicle

The Mango Leopard Cakesicle is a striking treat, both in appearance and flavor. Wrapped in a mango-chocolate glaze that drizzles down a lemon fudge cake shaped like a popsicle, this dessert is as playful as it is delicious. The tropical mango pairs perfectly with the citrusy cake, creating a refreshing bite ideal for sea-side snacking.

Nick Wilde Raspberry ‘n Cream Cupcake

For something a little richer, try the Nick Wilde Raspberry ‘n Cream Cupcake. A decadent red velvet sponge forms the base, complemented by creamy vanilla frosting. White chocolate crème and raspberry compote add layers of flavor, while a bespoke chocolate décor topping gives it that signature Nick Wilde flair.

Paw Shortbread Sandwich

The Paw Shortbread Sandwich could be a mascot for creativity at Jumbeaux’s Sweets. Two paw-shaped red velvet shortbread cookies encase a layer of smooth vanilla frosting and a rich dulce de leche center. It’s a cookie sandwich that’s as satisfying to eat as it is fun to look at.

Zootopia Chocolate Bark Post Cards

Finally, for those who love a bit of everything, the Zootopia Chocolate Bark Post Cards are a must-try. These chocolate slabs are artfully decorated to resemble postcards and feature a unique blend of dry fruits, nuts, and sprinkles, each inspired by different characters from Zootopia. It’s a delightful assortment that lets you taste the diversity of the world through chocolate.

Jumbeaux’s Sweets is not just about satisfying your sweet tooth—it’s an “sweet” experience that brings merges the magic of Disney and the charm of Zootopia to life. Each dessert is crafted with care, ensuring that every guest leaves with memorable flavors and a story to tell. So, as you sail aboard the Disney Treasure, make sure to stop by Jumbeaux’s Sweets for a taste of something extraordinary.

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