Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire House Coming to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights

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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire House

Hey Halloween Horror Night fans! Get ready for a spine-tingling experience as Universal Orlando brings the thrills with their latest addition to Halloween Horror Nights: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire house. This new haunted house promises to deliver an unforgettable adventure through the ghostly streets of New York City, perfectly blending nostalgia with fresh, icy terror. If you’re a fan of the Ghostbusters series or just love Halloween festivities, this event is not to be missed.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire House – A New Tale of Terror

This year, Universal Orlando and Hollywood are set to redefine the Halloween experience with Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Visitors will join the Spengler family and the original Ghostbusters, who are now pioneering a top-secret research lab dedicated to supernatural investigations. The plot thickens with the discovery of an ancient relic that unleashes Garraka, a vengeful spirit hell-bent on plunging the world into a frigid nightmare.

A Journey Through the Supernatural New York

As guests wind their way through the haunted house, they’ll be transported to key locations that feel like they’ve leaped straight out of the film. From the eerie stacks of Ray’s Occult Books to the cutting-edge Ghostbusters’ lab and containment facilities, each setting is meticulously crafted to enhance the spine-chilling atmosphere. The journey extends into the gloomy depths of New York City’s sewers, setting the stage for encounters with iconic and sinister ghosts, as well as new foes.

Encounters with the Paranormal

Prepare to face an array of ghoulish adversaries. Iconic ghosts from the franchise will make appearances, delivering their signature slime and spookiness. Villains, old and new, add to the peril, seeking revenge and chaos. The most harrowing challenge comes from the spectral army unleashed by Garraka, threatening to turn your bones to ice and your veins into frozen rivers. Only the bravest souls will navigate through these freezing conditions, helping the Ghostbusters fend off a terror too chilling to fathom.

What to Expect at Halloween Horror Nights 33

Halloween Horror Nights 33 kicks off at Universal Studios Florida on Friday, August 30, 2024. As always, Universal promises an immersive experience, with Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire being a highlight. Guests can anticipate not just scares but also the humor and wit characteristic of the Ghostbusters franchise, providing light-hearted moments amidst the screams.

Why You Can’t Miss This Haunted House

For those who cherish the Ghostbusters legacy, this event is a must-visit. It’s a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of your favorite ghost-fighting heroes and actively participate in their world. The blend of technology, detailed set designs, and an original storyline ensures that Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire house will stand out as a premier attraction at this year’s event. So, mark your calendars for an epic start to the Halloween season at Universal Studios, where fantasy and fright come alive in the most exhilarating ways!

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