Rumors About Rip Ride Rockit Closing at Universal Orlando

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Rip Ride Rockit Closing

Hey Universal Vacationers! In the swirling whirlwind of theme park rumors, one particularly persistent whisper has been circulating about Universal Orlando Resort’s Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. The rumor? That this iconic roller coaster is on its last legs, slated to be torn down and replaced by a brand-new, adrenaline-pumping coaster. But how much truth is there to this, and what can we expect from Universal if these rumors turn out to be true? Let’s dive into the details around Rip Ride Rocket closing.

The Current Buzz About Rip Ride Rockit’s Future

Originally, buzz around the park suggested that the aging Rip Ride Rockit coaster might close its doors by mid-2025 at the earliest. Despite these whispers, Universal has not officially confirmed a closing date—or even the possibility of one. However, some small changes have raised eyebrows among theme park goers. Notably, the banner that graced the ride’s lift hill hasn’t made a comeback since its removal due to stormy weather. Moreover, the variety of ride’s songs has dwindled, now offering only one musical selection per category. Could these be subtle hints of the ride’s impending closure?

Rip Ride Rockit Closing

What Could Replace Rip Ride Rockit?

The rumor mill churns with speculation that an Intamin steel launched spinning coaster could take the place of Rip Ride Rockit. This wouldn’t just be any coaster, but a model similar to the Fast & Furious: Hollywood Drift, currently under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood. For Orlando, this proposed coaster might be tailored to fit the unique landscape of the park, offering a different layout due to the absence of Hollywood’s hillside division.

Rip Ride Rockit Closing

Possible Delays and Design Changes

Universal Hollywood has experienced delays with its Fast & Furious-themed coaster, pushing its debut to 2026. These setbacks could potentially influence the timeline for Orlando’s project, especially as this new ride model from Intamin undergoes further testing and refinement. Unlike typical spinning coasters, the Hollywood Drift model promises thrilling inversions and a top speed of about 73 mph—characteristics that would make it faster and more intense than its predecessors marketed as family coasters.

Location and Themeing Challenges

With Universal Studios Florida’s tight layout between sound stages and other attractions, the new coaster may have to compromise on speed but could still surpass the thrill levels of Rip Ride Rockit. Speculation suggests that the entrance and load station might relocate closer to the park’s New York area, aligning with the existing theme zone for Rip Ride Rocket. This is despite the thematic mismatch with the Fast & Furious franchise predominantly set in San Francisco.

An alternative load location could be near the existing Fast & Furious Superchanged attraction. This would keep with the themeing of movie franchise. Additionally, the existing attraction has an extensive queue, that is rarely ever used to its potential.

Why a Fast & Furious Attraction Makes Sense for Orlando

Despite its underwhelming performance and tepid guest reception, Fast & Furious Supercharged remains the sole representation of the franchise at Universal Orlando. Bringing a new, more exciting Fast & Furious attraction could invigorate the franchise’s presence in the park. Given the franchise’s significant value to Universal and the current attraction’s limited operational hours post-pandemic, a fresh attraction could be a strategic move to enhance guest experiences and ratings.


While we await official word from Universal on whether or not a Rip Ride Rockit closing happens, the speculation itself is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of theme parks, driven by the desire to offer newer, more thrilling experiences. Whether Rip Ride Rockit is closing soon or not, one thing is certain: Universal Orlando Resort’s future plans will continue to spark excitement and speculation among its visitors. Stay tuned, coaster fans—big changes could be just around the bend!

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