The 2024 Hardest Disney Dining Reservations to Secure

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Hardest Disney Dining Reservations

Hey Disney Vacationers! Welcome to the world of Disney dining, where making a reservation can sometimes feel as challenging as scoring a Lightning Lane for Rise of the Resistance on a holiday weekend! If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, knowing which Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) are the hardest to secure can save you a lot of stress. Based on recent bookings, here’s a rundown of those elusive tables you’ll want to snag as soon as your booking window cracks open. Let’s dive into the 2024 hardest Disney dining reservations!

Brunch at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Brunch options at Disney World are few and far between, mainly limited to weekends. At the top of the hard-to-book list is Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Rise ‘n Shine Brunch. To land a spot at this Southern-style feast, you’ll need to be quick and possibly a little lucky—definitely start trying the moment your booking window opens.

Hardest Disney Dining Reservations

Top 3 Hard-to-Get Disney World Breakfast Spots

Starting your day at Disney World with a delightful breakfast can set the tone for the adventures ahead. However, snagging a breakfast reservation at some of the most popular eateries requires a bit of foresight and quick action. Especially, since only 22 dining locations offer breakfast at Disney World. Here are the toughest Disney World breakfast spots to book, where the charm of the morning meal meets the challenge of securing a table.

  1. 1900 Park Fare With a revamped menu and a fresh character lineup, 1900 Park Fare has recently shot to the top of the breakfast reservation hotlist. Whether it’s the novelty or a new trend, this place now demands early and persistent attempts to secure a spot.
  2. Cinderella’s Royal Table Breakfast here isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience—set in a castle with a price slightly friendlier than its lunch or dinner options. Its limited two-hour daily window makes it a prized reservation.
  3. Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera This location offers a unique character breakfast experience outside the parks, featuring Mickey & Friends. Its high demand and limited showing in searches make it a challenging reservation to lock down.
Hardest Disney Dining Reservations

Lunch and Dinner: The Premier League of Disney Dining

Navigating the dinner and lunch reservations at Disney World can be akin to planning a strategic military operation, especially for the most sought-after spots. Each restaurant offers a unique culinary experience that could make your visit extra special, so securing a table in advance is crucial. One to always take into consideration is that many Disney (in park) restaurants have the same menu for both lunch and dinner. Here’s a look at the hardest Disney dining reservations to snag for lunch and dinner, complete with insider tips to help you land that elusive reservation.

  1. Space 220 Lounge Even harder to book than Space 220 Restaurant, the Lounge offers a more intimate setting and a la carte menu options, making it even more desirable for those looking to enjoy a space station vibe without a prix-fixe price.
  2. Space 220 Restaurant For a dining experience that’s literally out of this world, Space 220 offers meals in an orbital space station setting. The unique theme and varied menu options make this one of the toughest tickets to book at EPCOT.
  3. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant This Hollywood Studios favorite mimics a 50s drive-in theater, complete with car-shaped tables and old sci-fi movie clips. Its smaller dining area means fewer reservations are available, so flexibility and persistence are key.
  4. Yak & Yeti Located in Animal Kingdom, Yak & Yeti is more accessible for lunch due to the park’s earlier closing times. Dinner reservations are harder to come by, making early planning essential.
  5. Cinderella’s Royal Table (Lunch and Dinner) Dining in Cinderella’s castle remains a bucket-list experience for many. While dinner reservations are especially tough to secure, lunch also requires advance planning and a bit of luck.
  6. T-REX This prehistoric-themed restaurant offers a unique dining experience among dinosaurs in Disney Springs. While easier to book for lunch, dinner reservations are scarce and typically later in the evening.
  7. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ (Dinner) Known for its Southern hospitality and hearty meals, snagging an early dinner reservation here can be tricky. Lunch might be an easier alternative, though days with no availability at all are common.
  8. San Angel Inn Restaurante Set beside a Mexican pyramid and under a twilight sky, this EPCOT restaurant offers a romantic ambiance that can make dinner reservations particularly challenging to obtain.
  9. Teppan Edo This hibachi-style restaurant in the Japan Pavilion is easier to book for lunch, with dinner reservations filling up quickly. The same menu throughout the day makes lunch a viable alternative for the hibachi experience.
  10. Le Cellier Steakhouse Located in EPCOT’s Canada Pavilion, Le Cellier is known for its signature steaks and fine dining atmosphere. Flexibility with your dining time can increase your chances of securing a reservation, especially if you consider lunch over dinner.

Tips for Securing Those Tough Reservations

  • Be Ready: Know exactly when your reservation window opens and be online ready to book.
  • Flexibility: If possible, be flexible with your dates and meal times.
  • Check Regularly: Cancellations happen, so keep checking even after your initial attempt.
  • Landry’s Select Card: For places like Yak & Yeti, this can provide an edge in securing a reservation.

For my tips and insights on how to secure the hardest to get Disney Dining Reservations check out my full guide.

Dining at Disney World can be as memorable as the rides and attractions, but it requires planning and strategy—especially for these popular spots. With this guide, you’re better equipped to navigate the tricky waters of Disney dining reservations. Whether you’re dreaming of a fairytale breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table or a space-themed meal at Space 220, early planning and persistence are your best tools. Don’t forget to leverage any available resources like dining alerts and reservation apps to increase your chances of securing a spot at these coveted tables. Enjoy your magical culinary adventure in Disney World!

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