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Disneyland Refurbishment Schedule

Heading to Disneyland? Looking to see which attractions may be closed during your trip? You’ve come to the right place! With the Disneyland Refurbishment schedule, you’ll quickly see which experiences will be under refurbishment during your vacation.

Below is a breakdown of the current Disneyland Refurbishment schedule. I make an effort to keep this information as accurate as possible. Details around the Disneyland Refurbishment schedule can change at any moment with little to no notice. Please keep this in mind when using this information for planning your trip.

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Disneyland Park

Attraction/Dining Close DateReopen Date
Fantasmic!4.23.23Spring 2024
“it’s a small world”10.23.2311.10.23
Space Mountain9.18.2310.27.23
Tarzan’s Treehouse – Reimaging to Adventureland Treehouse9.1.212023
Splash Mountain – Reimagining to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure5.31.232024
California Adventure

Attraction/DiningClose DateReopen Date
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail11.1.2311.7.23
Schmoozies (Dining)7.30.23Fall 2023
Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar3.14.20TBD
Downtown Disney

Attraction/Dining/StoreClose DateReopen Date

ResortAttraction/DiningClose DateReopen Date
Paradise Pier HotelThe Sand Bar3.14.20TBD
Paradise Pier HotelSurfside Lounge3.14.20TBD

Why Disney Does Refurbishments

Disney invests in regular refurbishments primarily to ensure the long-term quality and safety of its attractions. My perspective revolves around the idea that maintaining and enhancing the guest experience over time is of paramount importance.

While some guests might be disappointed when their favorite attractions temporarily close, I believe that it’s a necessary step to guarantee the continued excellence of these rides. This is why Disney is committed to providing them with the best possible experience every time.

Safety is a top priority for Disney, even in the midst of the fun and excitement. Proper maintenance and refurbishments are essential to ensure that their attractions continue to offer a safe and exhilarating experience for all our guests.

So, to wrap things up, the Disney World Refurbishment schedule is all about providing you insight on which Disney experiences will be under refurbishment during your trip. I get it, it can be a bummer when your favorite ride is temporarily closed, but trust me, it’s for the greater good of keeping the magic alive.

By putting in the effort to take care of their attractions, Disney wants to make sure that when you come back for your next visit, it’s going to be an absolute blast. So, go ahead, plan your trip, and enjoy every moment of your vacation to Disneyland! It’s going to be magical, no matter which experience could be under refurbishment. And, remember if your favorite attraction is getting a little pixie dust, then it’s just another reason to go back!

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