UPDATE: Guide to Genie+ with Park Hopping for Non-Date Based Tickets in 2024

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Genie+ with Park Hopping

UPDATE: Hey Disney vacationers! Great news for all Disney World fans with non-date-based tickets! The Genie+ system just got a whole lot better and more inclusive. Now, no matter what kind of ticket you have, you can enjoy the magic across all theme parks with the “Multiple Parks” option.

Here’s the scoop: Disney World has tweaked the Genie+ system, making it super easy for everyone to hop between parks and make the most of their visit. Before, there were some limitations, but guess what? Those are gone now! If you’ve got the “Multiple Parks” Genie+ option, you’re all set to start planning your adventures at any of the four amazing Walt Disney World theme parks, and you can do this as early as 7am.

So, what does this mean for you? More flexibility, more fun, and more Disney magic! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just love soaking in the enchanting atmosphere, this change is a game-changer. Get ready to experience Disney World like never before!

Below this the original article for reference:

Are you planning a magical day at Disney with the Genie+ with Park Hopping? If so, here’s a friendly guide to help you navigate the world of Disney Park Pass reservations, Lightning Lane bookings, and the joys of Park Hopping!

First things first, let’s talk about Disney Park Pass reservations. If you’re an Annual Passholder or have a non-dated ticket, you’ll need to make these reservations. Now, here’s where Genie+ comes into play. You can only make Genie+ selections for attractions within the park you’re eligible to visit at the time of booking. In simpler terms, your Genie+ magic works only in the park where you’ve made your reservation, at least initially.

But wait, there’s more! If your ticket is a Park Hopper, the world (or at least Disney World) is your oyster. With a Park Hopper ticket or an Annual Pass, you can hop to another park anytime during park hours, after you’ve entered your first park. Just remember, this is subject to the park’s capacity limits.

Now, let’s clear up a little confusion that might have popped up. Some guests were trying to book Genie+ selections for their second park before setting foot in their first park. Unfortunately, that’s a no-go. You need to physically be (i.e. tapping your ticket to enter the park) in your first park to start hopping and using Genie+ in another park.

Here’s how Disney Genie+ decides if you’re eligible for Lightning Lane selections:

  • If your ticket doesn’t require a Disney Park Pass reservation for that day, you’re free to book any attraction at any park, any time. This applies to guests with date-specific tickets and Passholders on a “Good-to-Go” Day.
  • If your ticket does require a reservation, you need to tap into the park where you made your reservation to unlock Genie+ selections at other parks. This rule is for non-date-based tickets and Annual Passholders on non-“Good-to-Go” days.

Let’s break it down with an example. Imagine you’re an Annual Passholder craving breakfast at EPCOT’s Garden Grill, but you plan to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios later to ride Tower of Terror. If you need a Park Pass reservation for that day, you’ll make one for EPCOT. With the new all-day Park Hopping, you can switch parks easily. However, you can’t make Genie+ selections for Hollywood Studios until you’ve checked into EPCOT. But the good news is, you can start making Genie+ selections for EPCOT attractions right from 7am EST!

And here’s a little cherry on top: if you have a date-based ticket or it’s a “Good-to-Go” Day for your Annual Pass, you can skip all this and enjoy Genie+ selections at all four Disney World theme parks without any restrictions.

So, there you have it, Disney vacationers! With these tips in mind, you’re all set to make the most of your Genie+ experience with Park Hopping. Happy park hopping!

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