How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk: A New Adventure Awaits at Universal’s Epic Universe

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How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Hey there, Universal vacationers! Are you ready for some thrilling news from Universal Orlando Resort? They’ve just unveiled the latest details about the eagerly awaited How to Train Your Dragon land, officially named How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk. This magical land is set to be one of the five unique worlds at the all-new Universal Epic Universe theme park, opening in 2025. Let’s embark on a detailed journey through everything this dragon-filled world has to offer!

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Welcome to Berk: A Land Where Dragons Rule

Universal Creative, in partnership with DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures, is bringing the enchanting world of How to Train Your Dragon to life. Imagine stepping into the Isle of Berk, a place where dragons soar freely and Vikings live in harmony with these majestic creatures. The land is meticulously designed to capture the essence of the beloved film trilogy, complete with rugged landscapes, Viking architecture, and, of course, dragons at every turn.

This land captures the very essence of what makes the How to Train Your Dragon films so special: the heart, the humor, and the grand scale of a world where Vikings and dragons aren’t just friends; they’re family. Picture this: you’re walking into one of the most jaw-dropping environments ever created by Universal. We’re talking immense architecture with hand-carved details that tell stories of dragon adventures, lush landscapes that make you feel like you’re walking through a living, breathing Viking saga, and rolling hills that hide the secrets of dragons.

And the village! Oh, the village is a bustling hub of life where the line between dragons and humans blurs into a beautiful, chaotic dance. Dragons take to the skies, sheep sneak around disguised as Terrible Terrors (yes, really!), and every so often, a burst of fire lights up the sky – because what’s a dragon land without a little fire, right?

Your first glimpse of Berk will steal your breath away, with a sparkling lagoon and towering Viking statues that stand guard over the village. It’s like stepping into the movie, but better, because this time, you’re part of the story.

Full Announcement Video from Universal Orlando:

Overview video of the How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk from Universal Creative
How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Epic Adventures in Berk

Now, let’s talk about what you can actually do in Berk, because trust me, it’s going to be epic. From the moment you set foot in this land, every corner, every ride, and every encounter is designed to plunge you into the world of dragons and Vikings.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders: This isn’t just any coaster; it’s a family thrill ride that simulates the exhilarating experience of flying with dragons. Join Hiccup and Toothless on an adventure that takes you soaring through Berk, reaching speeds of up to 45 mph. It’s as close as you’ll get to flying on a dragon’s back, offering breathtaking views and heart-pounding excitement.

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

The Untrainable Dragon: Inspired by the success of Universal Beijing Resort’s “Untrainable” show, this live spectacular brings the heartwarming tale of Hiccup, Toothless, and their friends to life. Expect captivating musical numbers, stunning sets, and life-sized dragons that glide above the audience, creating an unforgettable experience.

Fyre Drill: Dive into a playful competition led by the mischievous Viking twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. This wet-and-wild boat battle pits teams against each other in a fun-filled firefighting drill, where guests use water cannons to douse flames. It’s a splashy way to learn the crucial skill of fire management in a land where dragons reign.

Dragon Racer’s Rally: Feel the thrill of dragon racing as you take control of a Viking-made dragon-riding trainer. This attraction lets guests experience high-speed maneuvers and barrel rolls, reaching up to 67 feet in the air. Whether you prefer a wild ride or a mild flight, you’ll get a taste of what it takes to be a champion dragon racer.

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Viking Training Camp: Designed for the youngest Vikings, this interactive play area is brimming with adventure. From climbing structures to slides and a Toothless-themed teeter-totter, it’s a place where kids can learn the ways of the Vikings and dragons alike.

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Meet Hiccup and Toothless: The heart of Berk is its heroes. Meeting Hiccup and Toothless is a dream come true for fans, offering a memorable moment to cherish. Keep an eye out for other familiar faces from the series as you explore Berk.

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Feasting and Shopping Like a Viking

Mead Hall: The central hub for dining in Berk, where guests can enjoy a feast fit for a Viking chief. The menu boasts a variety of meats, fish, sandwiches, meads, and ciders, all in a setting that feels lifted straight from the films.

Spit Fyre Grill: Overlooking the Fyre Drill attraction, this quick-service spot offers flame-seared meals prepared by an unseen dragon chef. It’s a unique dining experience that combines delicious food with an immersive atmosphere.

Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel: Located in the Viking Camp, this food stand is perfect for grabbing quick bites and refreshments. It’s a festive spot to refuel before your next dragon adventure.

Merchandise Galore

Viking Traders: Your go-to for souvenirs that embody the Viking spirit. From apparel to unique keepsakes, it’s a treasure trove for fans.

How to Treat Your Dragon: Specializing in dragon-themed merchandise, this shop offers everything from toys to apparel, allowing you to take a piece of Berk home.

Hiccup’s Work Shop: Inspired by Hiccup’s inventive nature, this shop features themed toys, gadgets, and more, perfect for aspiring inventors and dragon trainers.

Toothless’ Treasures: Dedicated to everyone’s favorite Night Fury, this store is stocked with exclusive Toothless merchandise, including plush toys, collectibles, and apparel.

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Your Journey to Berk Awaits

As we edge closer to 2025, the anticipation for How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk at Universal’s Epic Universe continues to build. This land promises an immersive adventure that blends the thrill of dragon riding with the charm of Viking life. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or simply in search of your next great adventure, Berk offers a world of excitement and discovery.

So, sharpen your Viking axes and ready your dragon saddles; an unforgettable journey awaits at Universal’s Epic Universe. How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk is not just an attraction—it’s a portal to a world where dragons soar and legends come to life. See you on the Isle of Berk!

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