Magic Kingdom’s Holiday Food Guide: Dive into the Festive Flavors!

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Magic Kingdom's Holiday Food

Hey there, fellow Disney foodies! If you’re as big a foodie as I am, you’re in for a treat. Magic Kingdom’s holiday food guide is out, and it’s a delightful mix of sweet, savory, and everything in between. Whether you’re joining the fun at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or just soaking in the regular park vibes, there’s a treat with your name on it.

A Flavorful Winter Wonderland Awaits!

This year, Magic Kingdom is going all out. From the sweet allure of the Peppermint Snowman to the savory goodness of the Holiday Turkey Burger, there’s a flavor for every wish list. Ready to unwrap this culinary journey? Let’s dive in in the Magic Kingdom’s holiday food guide!

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies:

  • Reindeer Chow Sundae: A delightful mix of chocolate soft-serve, pretzels, cereal, M&M’S chocolate candies, and hot fudge. Available during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and regular park hours.
  • Lump of Coal in your Stocking: A rich cookies ‘n cream milkshake topped with whipped cream, cookies ‘n cream crumbles, and a chocolate doughnut hole. Exclusive to the Christmas Party!

Casey’s Corner (Exclusive to the Christmas Party):

  • Candy Cane Tart: Dive into a chocolate tart filled with peppermint ganache and topped with festive meringue.

Cool Ship (Exclusive to the Christmas Party):

  • Magic Holiday Tree: A tropical blend of coconut, pecans, and M&M’S chocolate candies on a graham cracker crust.
Magic Kingdom's Holiday Food

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (All exclusive to the Christmas Party.):

  • Holiday Pot Roast Melt: Slow-cooked beef on thick toast with cheddar and provolone cheese, drenched in beef gravy.
  • Holiday Turkey Burger: A juicy turkey burger topped with traditional stuffing, provolone cheese, and cranberry chutney on a brioche bun.
  • Christmas Cookie Cake: A festive cookie cake roll with buttercream, sprinkled with holiday cheer.
Magic Kingdom's Holiday Food

The Friar’s Nook (All these are Christmas Party exclusives):

  • Holiday Ham Fried Pie: A flaky pastry filled with baked ham, candied sweet potatoes, and spiced pecans, served with a pineapple glaze.
  • Italian Beef Tots: Tots smothered in slow-cooked beef, cheese curds, zesty giardiniera, and pot roast gravy.
  • Peppermint Snowman: A rich chocolate brownie topped with cookies ‘n cream peppermint mousse.
  • Winter Milk Shake: A creamy coconut milk shake topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut, cinnamon, and crisp pearls.
Magic Kingdom's Holiday Food

Golden Oak Outpost (All these are Christmas Party exclusives.):

  • Orange Gingerbread Shake: An orange cream slushy layered with gingerbread cookie crumbles, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of gingerbread spice.
  • Gingerbread Cake: A layered treat with cream cheese frosting and dulce de leche ganache, crowned with a gingerbread man chocolate piece.

Main Street Bakery:

  • Minnie-shaped Cinnamon Roll: A classic cinnamon roll topped with red icing, holiday sprinkles, and a chocolate bow. Available during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and regular park hours.
  • Letter To Santa: A flourless chocolate cake, with hot cocoa mousse and marshmallows, crowned with chocolate pieces. A Christmas Party exclusive.
Magic Kingdom's Holiday Food

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe (All these are Christmas Party exclusives):

  • Chicken Tamale: Served “Christmas-style” with mild red chile and green chile-pumpkin seed sauces, cilantro rice, pinto beans, and queso fresco.
  • Chocolate Eggnog Reindeer: A chocolate tart crowned with eggnog mousse and chocolate antlers.
  • Orange-Cranberry Pineapple Punch: A punch with a hint of “smoke” from the fireplace.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor:

  • Peppermint Brownie Sundae: Peppermint ice cream, hot fudge, and candy cane sprinkles served on a brownie. Available during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and regular park hours.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments (All these are Christmas Party exclusives):

  • Holiday Waffle Sundae: A house-made red velvet waffle topped with M&M’S chocolate candies, peppermint ice cream, and hot fudge.
  • Milk and Cookies for Santa: A brown sugar cookie cake topped with chocolate chip cookie dough mousse, milk mousse, and chocolate chip cookies. Both are Christmas Party specials.
Magic Kingdom's Holiday Food

Storybook Treats (All these are Christmas Party exclusives):

  • Sugar Plum Sundae: Sugar plum soft-serve on sugar cookie crumbs, topped with whipped cream, crisp pearls, and cotton candy.

Sunshine Tree Terrace:

  • Santa’s Belt Buckle: A pistachio mousse with a dark chocolate truffle center, adorned with a chocolate buckle.
  • Cranberry Citrus Float: Orange-vanilla soft-serve twist with Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry and fruity boba pearls. The float is available during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and regular park hours,

Outdoor Vending Locations Near Cinderella Castle:

  • Red Velvet Wreath: A doughnut topped with buttercream and holiday sprinkles.
  • Hot Cocoa Churro: A churro rolled in hot cocoa powder, topped with marshmallows and peppermint candy pieces. Both are available during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and regular park hours.

So, with a list this delicious, who could resist? Grab your festive appetite and meet me at the Magic Kingdom!

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