DisneylandFORWARD Project Unanimously Passes First Anaheim City Council Vote

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DisneylandFORWARD Project

Hey Disneyland fans! Early Wednesday morning marked a pivotal moment for Disneyland and the city of Anaheim as the DisneylandFORWARD project sailed through its first major hurdle. The Anaheim City Council cast their votes, and it wasn’t even close — the project passed unanimously with a resounding 7-0 approval. This decision is just the beginning of what could reshape the landscape of Anaheim’s entertainment district and Disneyland’s future development.

What is DisneylandFORWARD?

DisneylandFORWARD isn’t just any project. It’s a visionary reimagining of Disneyland’s current land use. Without requesting additional acreage, Disneyland aims to optimize the existing space within its Anaheim parks. The proposal is all about rezoning areas to allow a mix of theme park attractions, hotels, shopping, dining, and entertainment, all strategically positioned to maximize both guest experience and operational efficiency. Notably, the plan includes transformative updates like an Avatar-themed land, aiming to keep Disney competitive on a global scale.

DisneylandFORWARD Project

The Council Meeting: A Marathon of Deliberations

The Anaheim City Council’s decision came after a marathon meeting that extended into the early hours. The meeting kicked off with a staff report advocating for the project’s approval, highlighting its potential to maintain Disney’s competitive edge in the theme park industry while significantly benefiting Anaheim’s economy.

Disneyland Resort President, Ken Potrock, dubbed DisneylandFORWARD a “legacy project” for both the park and the city. In his presentation, Potrock not only revisited the storied partnership between Walt Disney and Anaheim but also laid out ambitious plans for immediate construction pending project approval. He emphasized the massive $60 billion investment planned for Disney’s global experiences over the next decade, with Disneyland aiming to secure a substantial share to bring groundbreaking attractions and enhancements to Anaheim.

Economic Impact and Public Opinion

Supporting the project’s economic promise, Anil Puri, an economist from Cal State Fullerton, detailed the significant positive impacts expected from DisneylandFORWARD. Construction and operational phases of the project could generate between $15 million to $244 million in additional annual revenue for the city, based on the project’s scope and execution.

Public opinion was robust and varied, as evidenced by the nearly four-hour-long public comment session. With over 130 electronic submissions and more than 100 speakers, community engagement was high, reflecting the project’s importance to Anaheim residents and businesses alike.

Next Steps for DisneylandFORWARD

Following this initial approval, the DisneylandFORWARD project is set to face its next City Council vote on May 7th. Should this vote also go in favor, a 30-day waiting period will ensue for any potential adjustments before a final approval can be secured in early June. This timeline is crucial for Disneyland as it aligns with their strategic goals to start new developments promptly.

What This Means for Anaheim and Disneyland

The unanimous vote is a strong signal of local government support for Disneyland’s future plans, which could redefine entertainment and hospitality in Anaheim. The project promises to bring more than just new attractions; it’s about revitalizing and expanding an iconic space in a way that harmonizes with the community’s needs and aspirations.

As DisneylandFORWARD project progresses, it remains a significant topic for both the local community and Disney enthusiasts worldwide. With its potential to boost the economy and enhance the guest experience, all eyes will be on the next steps of this ambitious project. The upcoming City Council vote in May could very well decide the fate of this transformative plan, setting the stage for a new era at Disneyland Anaheim.

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