DisneylandFORWARD Update: Thumbs Up From Anaheim Planning Commission

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DisneylandFORWARD Update

Hey there, Disneyland fans and theme park lovers alike! Let’s chat about something that’s been creating quite the buzz in the world of magic and dreams – the DisneylandFORWARD project. This isn’t just any update; it’s the kind of news that could reshape the Disneyland experience as we know it. So, grab your favorite snack, a Mickey-bar of course, and let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the DisneylandFORWARD update, shall we?

The Journey So Far

Nearly two years ago, Disney unveiled a plan that got every Disney fan’s heart racing – the DisneylandFORWARD project. This ambitious endeavor aimed to expand the footprint of its existing theme parks, promising more magic, more adventures, and yes, more space for all those beloved characters and stories.

Since the announcement, Disneyland hasn’t been sitting quietly. They’ve been all about engaging with the community, hosting over a dozen events to spread the word, gather feedback, and essentially, get everyone as excited as they are about what’s to come.

A Major Milestone: Anaheim Planning Commission Approval

Fast forward to last night, and it feels like we’re one step closer to seeing this dream become a reality. After what can only be described as a marathon meeting filled with discussions, public comments, and a bit of drama (because what’s a good story without a little drama?), the Anaheim Planning Commission gave its nod of approval to DisneylandFORWARD with a 5-1 vote. But before you start planning your visit to the new attractions, keep in mind that this isn’t the final green light. The project now heads to the City Council for two crucial meetings before the ultimate approval.

The Visionaries Behind the Magic

During the meeting, key Disney figures, including Disneyland President Ken Potrock, shared their passion and vision for the project. Potrock described DisneylandFORWARD as a “legacy project,” echoing the pioneering spirit of Walt Disney’s original partnership with Anaheim. He highlighted the project’s potential to be a win-win for everyone, with a minimum investment of $1.9 billion over the next decade, leading to significant tax revenue, job creation, and, of course, more magic for guests.

What’s Next for DisneylandFoward?

With the Planning Commission’s approval, all eyes are now on the City Council, with the final vote slated for April 16, 2024. While Disney has kept mum on the exact timeline for the project’s commencement, the development is expected to be a long-term endeavor, possibly spanning decades.

But here’s something to keep the excitement going – Disney Experiences Chairman Josh D’Amaro and CEO Bob Iger have hinted at “turbocharging” investments in the theme parks and resorts. And with the D23 Expo around the corner, who knows what enchanting updates we might receive about DisneylandFORWARD?

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, DisneylandFORWARD represents not just an expansion but a bold step forward in the legacy of Disney’s theme parks. It’s about creating new experiences, bringing more joy to guests, and continuing the tradition of innovation and imagination that Disney is known for.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Disney fan or just love keeping up with exciting developments, the DisneylandFORWARD project is definitely something to watch. Here’s to hoping for a magical outcome at the City Council meetings and beyond. Stay tuned, folks, because the future of Disneyland looks brighter and more magical than ever!

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