Rumor: Could Springfield be Replaced by a Pokemon Land at Universal?

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Pokemon Land at Universal

Hey Pokémon fans, have you heard the latest buzz? It looks like Universal Studios, both in Florida and Japan, might soon become a Pokémon trainer’s dream destination! It could also mean that our favorite residents of Springfield may need to start packing some moving boxes. Let’s dive into the rumor that is a Pokemon land at Universal.

Let’s start with the exciting news from Universal Studios Florida. Remember the KidZone area? There were whispers about it transforming into a Pokémon-themed land, complete with an indoor coaster and a battle arena show. But, plot twist! Those plans got shelved, and now looks like a DreamWorks-themed land taking that spot. But don’t lose hope, Pokémon fans!

The story starts over at Universal Studios Japan. Rumor has it that The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride is making way for a groundbreaking Pokémon ride. Imagine stepping into a world where augmented reality (AR) brings your favorite Pokémon to life right before your eyes, just like in the Mario Kart attraction. You might get to pick your Pokémon through AR goggles and use hand gestures to command them in battles. How cool is that?

But wait, there’s more! The New York area of Universal Studios Japan might soon flaunt a Pokémon theme, at least around the new ride. It’s like stepping into a slice of the Pokémon world!

Back in Florida, there’s some buzz about The Simpsons area. With Disney now owning The Simpsons, according to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media Universal might not renew their contract. The contract expires in 2028 and potentially Disney and Universal have agreed to sunset the agreement even earlier. This could mean an earlier-than-expected goodbye to The Simpsons Ride. And with Universal’s new CEO, Mark Woodbury, keen on focusing on their own IPs (intellectual property), Pokémon seems like a perfect fit, especially since Universal snagged exclusive rights for Nintendo characters back in 2015.

There’s also talk about expanding the area for new attractions by removing the semi-permanent tents used for the Halloween Horror Nights event. Could this be making space for a Pokémon-themed area? Only time will tell.

And remember the old Back to the Future ride? That was rethemed to The Simpson Ride. There’s speculation that the attraction building might be replaced in its entirety. Then, a Pokémon-themed attraction would take its place. Imagine the possibilities! The most likely attraction would be a clone from Universal Studios Japan.

Beyond the attractions, there were rumors about an interactive Poké Ball that you could use to catch Pokémon around the park and sync with the ride. More or less a version of Pokemon Go exclusive to the Universal parks. How awesome would it be to use your own Pokémon collection on the ride?

The original plan was to launch this Pokémon land at Universal by 2030, but the rumor mill suggests it might happen way sooner. With Universal’s Epic Universe attracting larger crowds to the Universal Orlando Resort, adding Pokémon attractions to Universal Studios and other new attractions Islands of Adventure could be a brilliant move to manage the influx of visitors.

So, Pokémon trainers, keep your Poké Balls ready! Universal Studios might just become your next go-to destination for an epic Pokémon adventure. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s hope these rumors turn into reality soon!

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