The Sky’s the Limit: New Universal Studios Drone Show Coming Soon?

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Universal Studios Drone Show

Hey there, Universal fan! Have you heard the latest buzz circling around Universal Studios in Orlando? After the sun dips below the horizon and the park gates close, the skies above Universal Studios have been lighting up with the promise of something truly magical. Yes, you guessed it – a drone show has been spotted testing its wings after hours, and it’s shaping up to be a spectacle unlike anything the Florida theme park has seen before. Let’s take a deeper look at a potential Universal Studios drone show.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Haven’t I seen drones at Universal before?” you’re not wrong. Over at Universal Studios Hollywood, drones took to the night sky for a Harry Potter-related show, casting spells of light and imagination. But this? This is Universal Studios Florida’s first foray into the drone show arena, and from the whispers and glimpses we’ve caught, it’s not just any show. It’s something that could redefine night-time entertainment in theme parks, especially given its proximity to residential areas. And no, despite the rumors that have been floating around for years, this doesn’t seem to be a Hogwarts Castle/Wizarding World “Dark Arts” show. This is something new, something different.

Universal Studios Drone Show

Remember the “Dark Arts” show in California, with drones forming a majestic deer in the sky? Well, the version spotted in Orlando is said to be even more impressive. That’s a tall order and an exciting prospect for anyone who loves the blend of technology and storytelling.

Speaking of technology and storytelling, let’s talk about Dronisos. This award-winning drone company, originally hailing from Bordeaux, France, has been behind some of the most breathtaking drone displays, including those at Disneyland Paris. And guess what? They’ve now set up shop in Orlando. While it’s not confirmed if Dronisos is the wizard behind the curtain for the Universal Studios drone show, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine their involvement, given their track record and recent establishment in the area.

Dronisos isn’t just about putting drones in the air; they’re about innovation, precision, and safety. They’ve developed their own software and technologies to ensure their shows aren’t just visually stunning but are also reliable and safe – a crucial consideration for theme park environments. Plus, they use Parrot drones, known for their reliability and trusted by various government branches in the United States. That’s the kind of assurance you want when drones are dancing overhead.

Universal Studios Drone Show

The buzz doesn’t stop with drones, though. There’s talk of a new lagoon show at Universal Studios, rumored to be bigger and more spectacular than anything before. This show is expected to feature classic Universal properties, with enhancements like taller fountains, more pyro, and – you guessed it – potentially drones. The project is moving swiftly, with permits hinting at new structures and enhancements around the lagoon area, possibly including a new home for the drones that will light up the night.

So, what does all this mean for you, the theme park lover and Universal vacationer? It means that Universal Studios Orlando is on the brink of introducing a night-time show that could set a new standard for entertainment. With drones taking to the skies, choreographed in dazzling displays of light and imagination, the future of theme park shows is looking brighter – and more exciting – than ever.

Keep your eyes on the skies above Universal Studios Florida. If the rumors and testing are anything to go by, we could be seeing the premiere of a groundbreaking Universal Studios drone show as early as summer 2024. It’s a thrilling time to be a fan of theme parks and technology, and we can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon.

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