Disney Cruise Pricing for Specialty Restaurants on the Rise!

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In a recent update, Disney Cruise Line (DCL) has introduced a revised pricing structure for its specialty dining restaurants across its entire fleet. Let’s delve into the details of the delectable dining options and discover the Disney Cruise pricing for Specialty Restaurants.

Palo Brunch

A Delightful Constant Amidst the adjustments, there is one culinary gem that remains unchanged. Palo Brunch, renowned for its exceptional flavors, continues to delight guests at a cost of $45. This leisurely meal offers a delightful start to your day at sea, with an array of delectable dishes awaiting your indulgence.

Palo and Palo Steakhouse

For those seeking an exquisite evening dining experience at Palo or Palo Steakhouse, a slight pricing adjustment has been made for both. Following a $5 increase, the cost of dinner at this renowned restaurant now stands at $50 per person.

Remy and Enchanté

The crown jewels of DCL’s specialty dining, Remy and Enchanté, have undergone a more substantial pricing adjustment. The base dinner price for these exceptional establishments has increased by $10, reaching $135 per person.

Reservations: Old vs. New Pricing

Disney Cruise Line values its guests’ commitments and ensures the honoring of prior reservations. For dinner reservations made before July 11, 2023, the original booking price will be honored. This means that guests who planned ahead will be charged the price in effect at the time of their reservation. However, any reservations made on or after July 11, 2023, will be subject to the new pricing structure.

A Glimpse into the Past

Previous Pricing Update Before this recent adjustment, DCL last updated the pricing for specialty dining in April 2021. These occasional adjustments showcase the cruise line’s dedication to ensuring guests receive the utmost value for their money, as the rate of increase is far behind the rate of price increases within the industry.

Price increases are never something as guests we hope for. With that being said, the small increase in the Disney Cruise pricing for specialty dining restaurants does not feel like price gouging. It feels more like increases to reflect the current cost of operation. Here’s hoping Disney Cruise Line sticks to their trend and we don’t see another price increase for a few more years!

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