Exciting Updates: The Disney’s BoardWalk Villas Refurbishment is Underway

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BoardWalk Villas Refurbishment

If you’re a Disney Vacation Club fan, you’re in for a treat! The long-awaited Disney’s Boardwalk Villas refurbishment is finally underway, and I’ve got the inside scoop for you. Starting from September 9, 2023, some significant changes are happening on the westernmost wing of the resort. So, whether you’re planning your next magical getaway or you’re just curious about what’s happening in the world of Disney, keep reading to stay in the loop.

What’s Closed and What’s Open

First things first, Disney Vacation Club villas on the western wing, with those stunning BoardWalk View rooms and the cozy Pool/Garden View rooms on the opposite side of the corridor. The entire wing is currently off-limits to guests, but don’t worry; it’s all in the name of refurbishment magic!

If you stroll around, you’ll notice parts of the building dressed up in scaffolding for some exterior TLC. The Breezeway, the lovely pathway between the pool and the Village Green, is partially fenced off for construction, but you can get through it. One of the access points to the building is closed, but fret not, you can still enter through the breezeway and hop on the ground-floor elevators.

The Grand Refurbishment Plan

Now, let’s talk about the exciting part – what’s changing in these beautifully revamped villas. Crews are hard at work giving all DVC villas at the BoardWalk a makeover. Imagine brand-new bathrooms with shiny new tubs and tile, and to top it off, pull-down Murphy Beds in the villa living rooms for added comfort. They’re also giving the floors, walls, and other decor a fresh update. Earlier this year, Disney gave us a sneak peek at the renovated rooms at the BoardWalk Inn, but we’re still eagerly awaiting more details on the villa designs.

What’s the Timeline?

Planning your Disney adventure and wondering when all these renovations will be complete? I’ve got you covered! Based on the availability data, it seems Disney has set its sights on finishing the BoardWalk View rooms by November 2023. The Standard View rooms will get their turn in the spotlight with refurbishments beginning in January and February 2024. Some of the Pool and Garden View rooms are also in line for a makeover during this period. The grand finale? The entire project is scheduled to wrap up in the spring of 2024.

So, if you’re thinking about your next Disney vacation, keep these refurbishments in mind. You might just find yourself in one of these newly transformed villas, making your stay at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas even more enchanting. Stay tuned for more updates on the magical world of Disney!

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