First Look: Number of DVC Points per Night to Stay at the Fort Wilderness Cabins

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Points Per Night DVC Cabins

Hey, Disney Vacation Club members! Are you dreaming of a magical Disney getaway without breaking the bank? Well, you could be in luck! The Cabins at Disney’s Ft Wilderness Resort & Campground are shaping up to be a fantastic, budget-friendly option for Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members. Nestled in the heart of Walt Disney World, these cabins promise a unique stay with a lighter touch on your points balance. Let’s take a look at what the points per night could be.

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Points Per Night: A Sneak Peek into DVC Cabin Value

Curious about how many points you’ll need for a night in these cozy cabins? While the official nightly point charts are still under wraps, I’ve got some exciting insights! Public documents hint that a single cabin might cost around 7,661 points annually or on average about 20 to 21 points per night (per night rate will vary based on the season). This rate is a game-changer, making these cabins more economical than many of the One-Bedroom villas and even some Deluxe Studio rooms currently at Walt Disney World. For context, the Value rooms at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas hover around 8,176 points per year or an average of 22 to 23 points per night.

Comparing the Costs: Cabins vs. Deluxe Studios

When it comes to DVC accommodations, every point counts. The Fort Wilderness Cabins are set to offer better value than some pricier Deluxe Studio options as well, such as:

  • Disney’s Riviera Resort Preferred View (average of 23 to 24 points per night or 8,696 points a year)
  • Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Theme Park View (average of 24 to 25 points per night or 8,803 points a year)
  • The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Lake View (average of 25 to 26 points per night or 9,140 points a year)
  • Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows Lake View (average of 25 to 27 points per night or 9,403 points a year)

So, the Fort Wilderness Cabins are projected to be 7,661-points per year suggests pricing similar to Standard View Deluxe Studio rooms at the Grand Floridian, which total 7,627 points. This would average out to be 20 to 21 points per night (per night rate will vary based on the season). Keep in mind, DVC might introduce different room categories or views, which could adjust these rates slightly up or down.

A Glimpse into the Cabin Life

The Cabins at Disney’s Ft Wilderness Resort aren’t just about value; they’re about comfort and space too. Designed to accommodate up to 6 guests, each cabin features a private bedroom with a queen-size bed and twin bunk beds, a pull-down queen bed in the living room, and a full kitchen. Plus, each unit boasts a private deck and a charcoal grill for those perfect family cookouts. Additionally, you do not have to worry about any noisy neighbors either above, or next to you, as each of the cabins will be standalone accommodations.

Points Per Night DVC Cabins

Location and Availability

Disney’s initial filing covers 30 cabins in the 2300 loop, marking the start of a phased construction project. As you can see in the diagram above the phase run from 1A through 1H. The resort currently has a total of 363 cabins, with those not added to the timeshare association remaining available for regular rental.

Points Per Night DVC Cabins

Added Amenities

Along with the cabins, the timeshare program now includes the pool and guest laundry facilities. While significant enhancements aren’t planned for these areas yet, they’re still great perks for your stay. The inclusion of the laundry facilities makes sense, as there is no mention of laundry being included within the individual cabins. The lack of laundry within each cabin could also be one of the reasons why the points per night for the cabins will be less.

Looking Ahead: Opening in Mid 2024

The new Disney Vacation Club cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are set to welcome guests in mid-2024. So, if you’re planning a Disney vacation around that time, keep an eye out for these charming, cost-effective options. Whether you’re a DVC member or considering joining, the Cabins at Disney’s Ft Wilderness Resort & Campground offer a delightful blend of comfort, convenience, and Disney magic, all while keeping your points in check!

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