NEW Haunted Mansion Parlor Details: A Spooky Addition to the Disney Treasure

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Haunted Mansion Parlor Details

Hey Disney cruisers! If you’re a fan of Disney’s iconic Haunted Mansion attractions, you’re in for a thrilling treat with the latest unveiling of more Haunted Mansion Parlor details, the newest lounge set to open aboard the Disney Treasure. Since its introduction at Disneyland Park in 1969, the Haunted Mansion has bewitched visitors with its eerie charm, leading to multiple spin-offs and adaptations. Now, the saga continues with a nautical twist on the high seas.

A Nostalgic Yet Fresh Haunted Experience

The Haunted Mansion Parlor is not just a bar; it’s a homage to over five decades of fandom wrapped in a mysterious maritime narrative. Designed by Disney Imagineers to evoke the atmosphere of a well-appointed ship’s parlor, this lounge tells the story of a jovial sea captain and his intriguing fiancée. However, their tale is shrouded in mystery following their sudden and unexplained disappearances. For the eagle-eyed visitor, clues scattered around the bar may just reveal the fate of the happy couple.

Haunted Mansion Parlor Details

Discover the Secrets of the Ghostly Aquarium

Among the most captivating features of the Haunted Mansion Parlor is the “Aquarium with Ghost Fish.” This unique concept was inspired by original sketches from famed Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump, who envisioned a “Museum of the Weird.” While not all his ideas made it into the original Haunted Mansion, this one has been brought to life decades later. Legend has it the sea captain was last seen entering his parlor for a special dinner with his betrothed before they both vanished. All that was left? His hat, mysteriously floating in the aquarium. Could this be a clue to their disappearance?

An Eerie Art Collection with a Modern Twist

The parlor’s walls will feature an eerie portrait gallery of the souls aboard the Disney Treasure. These portraits, influenced by the original Haunted Mansion’s art style, will leverage modern technology to interact with guests, providing a new way to experience the ghostly inhabitants. Among these, The Mariner, brought to life by Disney animator Marc Davis, will continue to haunt the halls, now aboard the Disney Treasure.

The Tales Behind the Portraits

Each portrait in the Haunted Mansion Parlor tells a story, weaving a rich tapestry of lore and legacy. The good-humored sea captain, whose dream was tragically cut short, will be memorialized alongside his enigmatic fiancée. Her portrait, inspired by Marc Davis’ “cat lady,” flickers to reveal her mysterious nature and perhaps, her sinister intentions. Their story began with a dramatic rescue, leading to an immediate and intense romance, marked by an engagement soon after.

Commemorative Drinkware That Tells a Story

The Haunted Mansion Parlor will also feature a unique line of Disney Cruise Line-exclusive drinkware. These ceramic mugs, resembling the timeworn planks of a ghost ship, will bear the likenesses of The Mariner and The Captain’s bride. This collection, debuting on the Disney Treasure, will allow guests to take a piece of the haunting experience home with them.

Setting Sail with Spirits

The Haunted Mansion Parlor is set to welcome its first guests when the Disney Treasure embarks on its maiden voyage on December 21. This new addition promises to be a highlight for fans of the supernatural and Disney lore, blending nostalgia with a fresh narrative to enchant a new generation of Disney cruisers!

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of experiencing the Haunted Mansion in a new and exciting way, the Haunted Mansion Parlor aboard the Disney Treasure offers just that—a chilling yet charming adventure filled with ghosts, mystery, and the magic of Disney storytelling.

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