DisneylandFORWARD Unanimously Approved by Anaheim City Council

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DisneylandFORWARD Unanimously Approved

Hey Disneyland fans! The DisneylandForward rezoning plans have taken a decisive leap forward with the unanimous approval of the Anaheim City Council. This landmark decision is poised to reshape the Disneyland Resort over the coming decades, creating exciting new opportunities for visitors, local businesses, and the city itself. Now that DisneylandFORWARD unanimously approved, here’s a deeper dive into the project’s comprehensive vision.

DisneylandFORWARD Unanimously Approved

A High-Level Vision of DisneylandForward

Announced on March 25, 2021, DisneylandForward is not a singular project but a strategic rezoning initiative that will allow Disneyland to reimagine its current boundaries. The plan will facilitate the expansion of the Disneyland Resort’s theme parks beyond their existing layouts, expanding across Disneyland Drive and utilizing areas previously zoned for hotels.

Connecting the Two Theme Parks

A major objective of the project is to bridge Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (DCA) with new development sites. These new areas will sit south of the Pixar Pals parking garage, effectively linking both parks with new attractions and themed zones. This will allow for a seamless visitor experience across Disneyland Hotel and Pixar Place Hotel, creating a more integrated resort environment.

New Entertainment District and Parking Solutions

DisneylandForward also aims to build a bustling entertainment district, inspired by the successful Disney Springs in Florida. This new district will rise on the current Toy Story parking lot, transforming the space into a vibrant hub of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

To address anticipated traffic issues, the plan proposes a new parking structure east of the theme parks, as well as footbridges spanning Harbor Boulevard and Disneyland Drive. This will streamline guest travel and reduce traffic congestion, particularly for those traveling from the San Diego area. However, some local businesses could express concern that the new footbridges could divert foot traffic away from their establishments, impacting their revenue. Disneyland may need to find a solution that satisfies both parties to ensure continued cooperation.

DisneylandFORWARD Unanimously Approved

A More Flexible Approach to Development

Importantly, DisneylandForward does not ask for additional acreage, square footage, or hotel rooms. Instead, it strategically redistributes already approved development across Disney-owned land. This flexible approach will allow Disney to create over a dozen new attractions, though specific details have not been released. Drawing inspiration from recent international expansions, early concept art and maps hint at a new “park” that could rival or surpass DCA in size.

DisneylandFORWARD Unanimously Approved

A Potential Avatar-Themed Expansion

One significant feature rumored to be connected to DisneylandForward is an Avatar-themed expansion, likely to be situated within Disney California Adventure. Concept art indicates that this expansion will require thoughtful transportation solutions to blend seamlessly into the existing park layout.

A Legacy for Disneyland and Anaheim

Ken Potrock, President of the Disneyland Resort, refers to DisneylandForward as a “legacy project” for both the resort and the City of Anaheim. With this rezoning approval, Disneyland is ready to immediately start building, with an ambitious goal of securing “more than its fair share” of Disney’s planned $60 billion global investment in theme parks. The next 30 days will see the plans take effect, marking the dawn of a transformative era that promises to deliver unparalleled experiences to guests and set new standards for innovation.

With the unanimous backing of the Anaheim City Council, DisneylandForward is ready to shape the future of Disneyland Resort, paving the way for generations of magical memories.

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