Future Growth on the Horizon: New Hollywood Studios Expansion Pad

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Hollywood Studios Expansion

Hey there, Disney fans! If you’re anything like me, the constant transformation of theme parks, especially the ones under the Disney umbrella, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Well, buckle up because the latest scoop on the new Hollywood Studios land usability report is something you won’t want to miss. The Reedy Creek Improvement District’s 2023 long-term land use plan has been unveiled, and it’s stirring up quite the buzz with its departure from the 2020 version. Is this the dawn of a new era for Hollywood Studios expansion? Let’s dive into the future possibilities that Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios might embrace.

Hollywood Studios Expansion

A New Land Classification: Opening Doors to Innovation

At the core of this exciting update is a fresh land usage category known as “Marginally Unsuitable.” This designation is a game-changer, highlighting areas that were previously considered tough nuts to crack due to natural barriers like wetlands within the 100-year flood elevation. But here’s the kicker: development in these areas is now on the table, subject to the District’s Long Term Permits. This reclassification affects a whopping 1,731 acres, translating to 13.0 percent of the undeveloped land area. Imagine the possibilities for theme park expansions across the Disney World property!

Hollywood Studios Expansion

A Closer Look: Potential Expansion Sites

Digging into the details of the updated plan, I’ve notice a pivotal shift for the land east of Hollywood Studios, near Buena Vista Drive and Victory Way (blue arrow to the top right). This area has evolved from “Unsuitable” in 2020 to “Marginally Unsuitable” in 2023. This isn’t just a change in wording; it signifies a potential green light for development projects that were previously not feasible. Similarly, the land south of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (blue arrow to the bottom left) has undergone a transformation, hinting at Disney’s refined approach to future development in these zones. Please note the blue circle marks the location of Hollywood Studios. Here is a look of the same area without the land use markings on it.

This strategic land reclassification could very well pave the way for not just one, but multiple new Hollywood Studios Expansion pads. The idea of expanding Galaxy’s Edge, for instance, becomes increasingly plausible with additional land now deemed suitable for use. Or, based on the overall size of the expansion pad a whole new land all together.

Victory Way: A New Resort in the Making?

The land near Victory Way presents a golden opportunity for Disney to introduce a new resort. It’s no secret that Disney World’s most beloved resorts are those offering easy park access. From Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club’s proximity to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios to the Magic Kingdom resort area’s with their walking paths and monorail options to the park, convenience is king.

A resort on the new Hollywood Studios expansion pad near Victory Way could offer guests a seamless walk to Hollywood Studios, along with Skyliner and boat access to EPCOT. This area’s central location also means quick bus rides to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Hollywood Studios: The Next Chapter

With the potential expansion at Magic Kingdom already in the works, Hollywood Studios is next in line to benefit from Disney’s commitment to park enhancements. The push for updates at Hollywood Studios comes from a need for more attractions and improvements to the park’s layout. Addressing these issues is key to enhancing park flow, crowd management, and accessibility. Based on data reported by Statista, Disney’s Hollywood is now the 4th most attended theme park in North America, behind only the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland park, and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

As we look to the future, the newly classified land outlined in the Reedy Creek Improvement District’s 2023 plan opens up a realm of possibilities. Whether it leads to an expansion of Galaxy’s Edge, the addition of a new land all together, or the creation of a Disney resort adjacent to the park, the magic of Disney is set to unfold in new and exciting ways, promising unforgettable experiences for guests worldwide. Let’s keep our eyes on the horizon for what’s next in the enchanting world of Hollywood Studios expansion.

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