Soarin’ Over California: A Limited-Time Farewell at EPCOT and a New Beginning at Disney’s California Adventure

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Soarin' Over California

Hey there, Disney vacationers! If you’ve been swept off your feet by the breathtaking experience of Soarin’ Over California at EPCOT, brace yourselves for a bit of a bittersweet update. The ride that has taken countless guests on an aerial journey over the stunning landscapes of California is gearing up for a change. But don’t worry, the adventure continues with a twist that promises to keep the magic alive, especially for those on the West Coast.

The Final Flight at EPCOT

Mark your calendars and maybe grab a tissue or two. The limited-time run of Soarin’ Over California is coming to a close at EPCOT on February 27th. Since its debut, this version of the ride has been a nostalgic nod to the original attraction that captured hearts of guests when the attraction first opened. It’s been a unique opportunity for guests at EPCOT to experience the Golden State’s majestic beauty, from its towering redwoods to its serene coastline, all from the comfort of their hang glider seat.

Soarin’ Around the World Returns

As we bid adieu to Soarin’ Over California at EPCOT, get ready to welcome back Soarin’ Around the World on February 28th, 2024. This global adventure takes you from the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower, offering a breathtaking glimpse into the wonders our planet has to offer. It’s a seamless transition from the local charm of California to the grandeur of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

A New Dawn at Disney’s California Adventure

Just when you thought the journey was over, Disney has a surprise up its sleeve. Soarin’ Over California is making a triumphant return to where it all began – Disney’s California Adventure. This new limited-time run is set to coincide with the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, starting March 1st and running through April 22nd, 2024. It’s a perfect blend of culinary delights and aerial escapades, offering guests a chance to indulge in the best of California’s vibrant culture and natural beauty.

The Tradition Continues

Disney’s decision to bring back Soarin’ Over California during the Food & Wine Festival has become a beloved tradition, much to the delight of fans. This year is no exception, and while an official end date for the ride’s run hasn’t been confirmed, it’s expected to soar through the festival’s duration. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of this attraction and its ability to capture the imagination of guests year after year.

Embracing Change and Nostalgia

The shifting landscapes of Disney’s theme parks remind us of the constant evolution of the Disney experience. While we say goodbye to Soarin’ Over California at EPCOT, its return to Disney California Adventure is a reminder of the cyclical nature of these beloved attractions. It’s an opportunity for new guests to discover the magic of California’s scenery and for longtime fans to relive their cherished memories.

Final Thoughts

As we navigate the changes at Disney’s theme parks, the spirit of adventure remains a constant. Whether you’re exploring the diverse landscapes of California or embarking on a global journey with Soarin’ Around the World, the essence of discovery and wonder is always at the heart of the Disney experience. So, here’s to the next chapter of Soarin’, filled with new memories, breathtaking views, and the timeless magic that only Disney can deliver.

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