Exploring the Future of Disney Vacation Club: The Exciting Possibilities of a DVC Timeshare Trust

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DVC Timeshare Trust

Hey there, Disney Vacation Members! There’s some exciting news on the horizon for the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) that could change the way we think about our magical getaways. Let’s delve deeper into the buzz around the potential of a DVC Timeshare Trust and what it could mean for future vacations and DVC members.

The Birth of Palmetto Trust Association

Recently, Disney Vacation Development has been stirring the pot with the establishment of Palmetto Trust Association, Inc. in Florida in August of 2023. This isn’t just a routine business move; it’s a potential game-changer. The board of this new not-for-profit mirrors the current DVC board, featuring familiar faces like Bill Diercksen and Yvonne Chang. This move suggests a strategic shift towards a more flexible and inclusive DVC experience.

What’s a DVC Timeshare Trust Anyway?

Traditionally, DVC membership involves buying a deeded interest in a specific resort. You get the privilege of booking your ‘home’ resort well in advance (11 months), with other DVC resorts available for booking a bit later (7 months). The DVC Timeshare Trust concept could revolutionize this by creating a pool of points from various resorts. Members could have the flexibility to book any of the included resorts with the same advanced notice. Imagine the freedom of planning your Disney vacation with access to multiple resorts 11 months in advance!

Please note, at this time the concept of a DVC Timeshare Trust is just a rumor. DVC has not announced or released any information about the potential of this new offering.

The Benefits of a Trust Over Deeded Ownership

  • Expanded Booking Options: The Trust could offer 11-month advance booking at a variety of resorts, including Aulani, Riviera Resort, The Villas at Disneyland Hotel, and the upcoming Polynesian Villas Tower and The Cabins at Fort Wilderness. This would be a significant upgrade from the current system, where your advance booking options are limited to your home resort.
  • Addressing Slow Sellers: Underperforming resorts like Aulani could gain new appeal. Instead of struggling to sell points for these locations, they would become part of a larger, more attractive pool of vacation options.
  • New Destination Opportunities: The Trust model could enable DVC to add more non-park destinations without the pressure of selling points for each specific location. This could lead to an expansion of the DVC portfolio to include sought-after destinations that previously seemed unfeasible. Concepts like a DVC ski resort could become a reality.
  • Flexible Ownership Terms: The Trust could offer a standardized 50-year ownership term, irrespective of when you join. This is a stark contrast to the current system, where each resort has its own specific expiration date, affecting the length of ownership.

Potential Challenges of a Trust System

The main concern with a Trust system is villa availability. If a resort’s points are part of the Trust, it could lead to increased competition for rooms, especially the more popular or affordable options. This could make it harder for members to book their preferred accommodations.

Current DVC Members and the Trust

For existing DVC members, the introduction of a Trust system shouldn’t be a cause for concern. It’s unlikely that current members will be forced into the new system. However, options to upgrade or transition to the Trust might be offered, providing more flexibility and choice for long-standing members.

The Big Picture

It’s important to remember that all this talk about a DVC Timeshare Trust is still speculative. Disney Vacation Club hasn’t made any official announcements about such a product. We’re all eagerly awaiting details on which resorts might be included, the specific perks and benefits, and the overall structure of the Trust system.

The concept of a DVC Timeshare Trust is an exciting development in the world of Disney Vacation Club. In concept, it promises more flexibility, a wider range of destinations, and a new approach to enjoying your Disney experiences. As always with Disney, it’s about creating unforgettable experiences, and this potential new development could add even more magic to your holiday plans. So, keep your ears open, Disney Vacation Club fans – the future of DVC looks bright, adventurous, and full of enchanting possibilities!

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