Unveiling Enthralling Additions: Ahsoka’s Debut Sparks New Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots and Lens in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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PhotoPass Magic Shots

The galaxy far, far away just got a whole lot more captivating with the sensational premiere of Ahsoka on Disney+ Tuesday. And as the force continues to weave its magic, a delightful array of novelties awaits you at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

PhotoPass Magic Shots

Step into the world of your favorite space epic like never before, as Disney introduces brand new Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots and an innovative Disney PhotoPass Lens, all in honor of Ahsoka’s mesmerizing debut.

Imagine capturing the essence of this epic universe in ways that transport you right into the heart of the action. These new Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots will whisk you away on an otherworldly journey, freezing moments in time that resonate with the vibrancy and allure of Star Wars. These candid snapshots with your favorite intergalactic characters, encapsulate the true spirit of the franchise.

PhotoPass Magic Shots

But that’s not all — prepare to be dazzled by the Clone Armory Disney PhotoPass Lens, an ingenious creation that’s a fun way to capture different selfies in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

This Disney PhotoPass Lens is included with the purchase of the Disney Genie+ service. Available through the My Disney Experience app and the Disneyland app.

Venture into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, armed with your lightsaber and the transformative Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots and Lens, and let the force of imagination guide your journey like never before.