We Can Now Talk About Bruno: Meet Disney’s Encanto Characters at Magic Kingdom

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Encanto at Magic Kingdom

Get ready for an extra dose of enchantment because Disney World just dropped some seriously magical news! If you’re a fan of the heartwarming movie “Encanto,” you’re in for a treat that’s bound to make your day. Gather ’round, because here’s the scoop:

Picture this: the mesmerizing world of Disney’s “Encanto” is coming to life at the Magic Kingdom on September 15th! Yes, you read that right! Mirabel, the spirited member of the Familia Madrigal, is stepping right out of the screen and into real life. Can you feel the excitement in the air?

Get ready to be transported to a world of wonder as Mirabel herself sets up shop in her enchanting Casita. It’s not a limited-time affair either. That’s right, amigos, you can catch a glimpse of Mirabel and maybe even share a warm hug, no matter the time of year. The magic is going to be available 365 days a year!

Now, let’s talk about a double dose of Disney awesomeness. Mirabel’s uncle, the one and only Bruno, is stepping into the spotlight too! He’s joining the fabulous Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade, making its grand debut on the same exciting day, September 15th, at the Magic Kingdom. And guess who else is joining this spectacular parade? Prepare to be delighted by none other than Miguel, the musical maven from “Coco,” the brave and adventurous Princess Elena of Avalor, and the colorful and lively José Carioca.

Imagine the scene: the park comes alive with laughter, music, and an irresistible dose of Disney magic as these beloved characters take center stage in a joyous cavalcade. It’s a celebration that’s bound to bring smiles and happiness to visitors of all ages.

So, mark your calendars, friends! September 15th is your golden ticket to experience the enchantment of “Encanto” like never before. Head over to the Magic Kingdom Park and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a die-hard “Encanto” fan or you simply adore all things Disney, this is an event you won’t want to miss. The magic is real, and it’s waiting for you! ¡Vamos a celebrar!