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Season of the Force

Calling all Rebels, Jedi, and Sith Lords! Disneyland is about to transform into a Star Wars fan’s dream come true with the upcoming Season of the Force event, running from April 5 through June 2, 2024. This limited-time celebration is packed with new experiences, treats, and merchandise that promise to transport you straight into the Star Wars universe. Let’s unpack all the galactic goodies waiting for you.

Fire of the Rising Moons: A Galactic Spectacle

One of the crown jewels of this event is the “Fire of the Rising Moons,” a nighttime experience that redefines fireworks shows. Set in the immersive world of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this spectacle combines the awe of Disneyland’s fireworks with the iconic music of Star Wars, composed by the legendary John Williams. Imagine standing by the Millennium Falcon, the sky ablaze with colors, while the familiar, stirring music fills the air, connecting you with the heroes and legends of the galaxy. It’s an emotional, communal celebration of freedom and heroism, visible from various points within Galaxy’s Edge, making every spot the best in the house.

Fire of the Rising Moons will be shown on select nights starting April 5th.

MagicBand+ Nighttime Show Interactions

Adding to the magic, your MagicBand+ becomes a part of the “Fire of the Rising Moons” experience. It will light up and vibrate in sync with the show, making you feel even more connected to the unfolding story above. This interactive feature promises to enhance your immersion, making every moment feel personal and unique.

Season of the Force

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue – New Adventures Await

“Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” is getting an exciting update with new characters and destinations inspired by “Ahsoka,” “Andor,” and “The Mandalorian.” Imagine being on a Star Tours flight when suddenly you receive a transmission from Ahsoka Tano or find yourself on a secret mission with Cassian Andor. The addition of the planet Peridea introduces fresh adventures, ensuring that even the most seasoned Star Tours travelers will find new surprises.

Season of the Force

Hyperspace Mountain: A Galactic Adventure

For a limited time through June 2, as part of the Season of the Force, Space Mountain receives an epic overlay to become Hyperspace Mountain. This transformation immerses you in the Star Wars universe like never before. Imagine racing through the galaxy, surrounded by the sights and sounds of a space battle, complete with X-wings, TIE fighters, and the ominous presence of a Star Destroyer.

Join the Rebel Alliance

On Hyperspace Mountain, you’re not just a passenger; you’re part of the Rebel Alliance, on a critical mission against the Empire. As you launch into the darkness, the iconic John Williams score fills your ears, elevating the excitement and tension. The ride cleverly integrates projections and sound effects to create the illusion of darting through space, dodging enemy fire, and assisting in the attack on the Star Destroyer. It’s an exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of a roller coaster with the immersive storytelling of the Star Wars saga.

A Must-Experience for Star Wars Fans

What makes Hyperspace Mountain a must-experience during the Season of the Force is how it seamlessly blends the adrenaline rush of a high-speed ride with the beloved Star Wars narrative. It’s a unique opportunity to live out your space battle fantasies, making it a highlight for both thrill-seekers and Star Wars enthusiasts alike. The attention to detail, from the queue videos to the in-ride effects, ensures that every moment of the experience feels like a part of the epic saga.

Tips for Riding Hyperspace Mountain
  • Genie+: To make the most of your visit, consider using Disneyland’s Genie+ services to reduce your wait time for Hyperspace Mountain. This is especially helpful during the Season of the Force, when the park sees an influx of Star Wars fans eager to join the adventure.
  • Ride at Night: For an even more immersive experience, try riding Hyperspace Mountain at night. The darkness outside makes the indoor projections even more vivid, enhancing the sensation of hurtling through space.
  • Prepare for Thrills: While Hyperspace Mountain is an unforgettable adventure, it’s also one of Disneyland’s more intense rides. It’s a high-speed roller coaster with sharp turns and sudden drops, all in the dark. Make sure everyone in your party is ready for the excitement.
Season of the Force

Exclusive Merchandise and Galactic Treats

No event is complete without exclusive merchandise and themed treats! The Season of the Force brings new Star Tours merchandise, including stylish hoodies and tees that let you show off your Star Wars pride. But that’s not all – keep an eye out for the new holopuck Magic Shot and the delicious Star Wars sugar cookie, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth with a side of nostalgia.

Season of the Force

The Ultimate Foodie Guide

Foodies, rejoice! The Disney Eats: Season of the Force Foodie Guide is on its way, promising a galaxy of themed food and beverages to explore. While details are still under wraps, expect innovative and delicious offerings that will take your taste buds on an interstellar journey.

Season of the Force

Capture Your Adventure

With the new holopuck Magic Shot from Disney PhotoPass Service and themed Disney PhotoPass Lenses, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture your Season of the Force memories. Whether you’re posing with your favorite characters or immortalizing your battles against the dark side, these photo ops are a fantastic way to remember your adventures.

Year-Round Star Wars Experiences

Don’t forget, the Star Wars excitement at Disneyland isn’t limited to the Season of the Force. All year long, you can enjoy attractions like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, pilot the Millennium Falcon, or build your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop. The galaxy is yours to explore, with adventures waiting around every corner.

Ready for Your Star Wars Adventure?

The Season of the Force at Disneyland is shaping up to be an unforgettable celebration for Star Wars fans of all ages. With its unique blend of immersive experiences, thrilling rides, exclusive merchandise, and out-of-this-world food, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. So, gather your crew, don your robes or armor, and prepare to step into a galaxy far, far away. The Force awaits at Disneyland!

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