New Disney Hovering Patent Set to Level Up The Mandalorian and Grogu Meet ‘n Greet?

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Disney Hovering Patent

Hey Disney vacationers, and Star Wars fans! In a move that seems ripped straight from the pages of science fiction, Disney Enterprises has unveiled a patent that promises to sprinkle a little more magic into our visits to the theme parks. This isn’t just any patent; it’s a glimpse into a future where elements of the beloved Star Wars universe, specifically from “The Mandalorian,” could float among us, quite literally. The buzz? A magical, floating pram akin to the one that ferried the adorable Grogu (Baby Yoda to the uninitiated) through the galaxy. Let’s dive into the heart of this innovation and explore how this Disney hovering patent could redefine theme park experiences.

The Magic Behind the Patent

At first glance, the patent documents might seem like a cryptic scroll of technical jargon and diagrams. However, they reveal plans for a drone-based system designed to bring themed elements to life, floating through the air with an elegance that would make even a Jedi nod in approval. The images accompanying the patent bear an uncanny resemblance to the hovering pram from “The Mandalorian,” suggesting that Disney is aiming to replicate this iconic image in the real world.

Disney’s approach involves using racing-style drones, known for their power and agility, as the foundation for creating these floating marvels. The idea is not just to have a drone zipping around; it’s about encasing these drones in airframes that transform them into thematic elements straight out of a storybook—or in this case, a space opera.

From Screen to Theme Park Sky

Currently, fans of “The Mandalorian” can meet the titular character and Grogu at Disney parks, with Grogu adorably nestled in a sling. However, the introduction of a functioning hovering pram, as outlined in the Disney hovering patent, could elevate this encounter to new heights, offering an experience that mirrors the magic seen on Disney+. While there are practical considerations to address, such as the drones’ sound level and the overall believability of the effect, the potential is undeniable. If anyone can turn this dream into reality, it’s Walt Disney Imagineering.

Beyond Meet ‘n Greets: A Galaxy of Possibilities

The application of this hovering technology extends far beyond a novel meet ‘n greet setup. Imagine a future stage show within the parks, where characters and elements float seamlessly as part of the performance, unbound by the constraints of gravity. Or consider the thrill of a new attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where guests could find themselves immersed in a storyline featuring The Mandalorian and Grogu, complete with floating prams and holographic effects that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

The success of “The Mandalorian” series and the anticipation for the upcoming movie, set to begin production in 2024, underscore the potential for integrating this technology into the Star Wars-themed area of the parks. Whether used in a pre-show, as part of an attraction, or in entirely new ways, the Disney hovering patent holds the promise of bringing a piece of the Star Wars universe to life in a way that fans have only dreamed of.


Disney’s latest patent is more than just a technical document; it’s a vision of the future where the wonders of the Star Wars universe can be experienced firsthand, floating through the air with the grace of a leaf on the wind. As we look forward to the possibilities this technology could unlock, one thing is clear: the magic of Disney and the allure of The Mandalorian are about to take to the skies, promising an unforgettable adventure for fans and visitors alike. Keep your eyes to the sky—Disney’s hovering patent is set to bring a galaxy far, far away a little closer to home.

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