Support for Bob Iger in Disney’s Proxy Battle Increases

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Iger in Disney's Proxy Battle

Hey Disney fans! In the world of Disney, where fairy tales and reality blend seamlessly, the story continues to unfold, not of princesses and heroes, but of corporate battles and leadership. At the heart of this narrative is Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, facing a formidable proxy fight against Trian Partners’ Nelson Peltz and Blackwells Capital. Amidst this corporate drama, a voice of support emerges from Bob Weis, the former president of Walt Disney Imagineering, whose endorsement of Iger is not just a statement but a testament to Iger’s leadership and vision for Disney. Let’s take a look at Weis’s endorsement of Bob Iger in Disney’s proxy battle.

Bob Weis, a name synonymous with creativity and innovation at Disney, took to his personal Instagram to share a heartfelt message of support for Iger. Weis, with a career spanning almost four decades at Disney, has been a pivotal figure in shaping the experiences that millions around the globe cherish. From the creation of Disney-MGM Studios, now known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to the magical realms of Tokyo DisneySea and the transformative journey of Disney California Adventure, Weis’s contributions are etched in the legacy of Disney.

In his statement, Weis eloquently captures the essence of Disney’s success, attributing it to a unique synergy of story, art, place-making, experience, and quality. He highlights Iger’s role as a mentor and a “guiding North Star,” emphasizing Iger’s commitment to investing in talent and ideas, respecting Disney’s rich history while pushing the boundaries of innovation. Weis’s message is clear: under Iger’s leadership, Disney continues to move forward, honoring Walt Disney’s ethos of perpetual progress.

Here is the full quoted statement from Bob Weis:

I have been in this business for almost four decades. Bob Iger is a mentor and guiding North Star for me.

Disney exists because of a synergy between story and art and place making and experience and quality. Weave those together and they form a successful business plan, because people have a high expectation, and an emotional connection that needs to be respected, fostered and expanded.

As Walt himself said, “we keep moving forward.” Bob Iger has kept us moving forward by investing in talent and ideas, respecting the past but insisting on an innovative future, and being willing to experiment even when the odds sometimes look tough.

Without this level of leadership grounded in storytelling, experience, art, talent recognition and moving ahead, it’s a rudderless ship; enormous potential with no ability to steer. I was grateful for each meeting I had with Bob, however challenging he might have been with us, and I remain grateful the company I care so much about continues under his steady hand. He makes it look easy—but no one should make the mistake of thinking it is.

  • Bob Weis, former president, Walt Disney Imagineering

Weis’s support for Iger comes at a crucial time as Disney faces challenges from Trian and Blackwells, who have nominated their own candidates for Disney’s Board of Directors and proposed strategic changes. This proxy battle has not only drawn attention from within the Disney community but has also seen support for Iger from notable figures such as George Lucas, Walt and Roy Disney’s grandchildren, and leaders from the business world, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

The significance of Weis’s endorsement lies in his deep understanding of Disney’s creative and operational ethos. Having led the creative teams for major projects like Shanghai Disney Resort and having been at the helm of Walt Disney Imagineering, Weis’s perspective on leadership and innovation at Disney carries weight. His support underscores the confidence in Iger’s vision for Disney, a vision that balances respect for the past with the courage to explore new horizons.

As Disney approaches its Annual Meeting of Shareholders on April 3, 2024, the support from influential figures like Bob Weis plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative around Iger’s leadership. It’s a reminder that at the core of Disney’s success are storytelling, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to bringing joy to people’s lives. Iger’s leadership, guided by these principles, has not only navigated Disney through challenges but has also set the course for a future filled with imagination and innovation.

In the realm of corporate battles, the support of veterans like Bob Weis is a beacon of trust and confidence in Bob Iger’s stewardship of Disney. As the proxy battle unfolds, it’s clear that the legacy and future of Disney are in the hands of those who truly understand and cherish the magic that is Disney. The story of Iger in Disney’s proxy battle is more than just a corporate skirmish; it’s about safeguarding the magic and legacy of one of the most beloved companies in the world.

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